Anticipation in Sailing Races - In every sailing race, to enhance your chance of success you must keep a constant watch ahead and around the course to see what's coming and have a plan on how to deal with it before you get there. Before You Leave The BeachBefore you leave the beach and before every race, you need to...
 Step 1. Work on your weaknesses. Steps to Winning a Regatta  We all have different strengths and weaknesses, for some, it is light air and flat water,  for others they are faster in a big breeze and boisterous seas. It is fun to practice in your favourite conditions but you need to get out of your comfort zone and spend more...
Deal with congested areas when sailing. You may already have noticed that, shortly before the Start, when the boats have lined up, the wind is significantly weaker there, even if you are in the front row and have clear wind. Effect of The Fleet On The Breeze The reason for this effect is the congestion that forms in front of the...
  Why Sailing the Long Tack First is a Winning Move The long tack is the one that points your bow closest to the mark. Its the one you spend the longest time on when heading upwind to the weather mark. The long tack takes you towards the centre of the course and the centre of the course is directly downwind of...
Strive To Be Lucky - In memory of the great and eloquent Dr Walker who died on Monday aged 95. Dr Stuart Walker Luck, wrote longtime columnist Dr Stuart Walker (1923 – 2018), is fundamental, but a manageable element of every race. When Paul Elvström raced with Aage Birch for the Dragon Gold Cup at Marstrand, Sweden, in 1958, he decided that...
IMPROVE YOUR RACING SKILLS - Boatspeed requires a combination of sail trim, accurate helming, and good balance and trim. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Settings for a particular wind speed in flat water won’t work in big waves, nor in light airs. Just like riding a bike you need to be able to change gear to suit the conditions. Acceleration gear is used when...




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