Copied from an article written by Brad Walker -   Regardless of the size of the boat, sailing will require all the upper body strength you can muster. Your upper torso, including your shoulders, arms and abdominal muscles will play a major role in operating a sailboat. Three best Sailing Stretches. The main muscles in play are the rhomboids, trapezius and rotator cuff in the...
Have An Edge Over Your Competition Sailing fitness is often overlooked. It is one of the weapons that we can achieve with minimum cost and little effort. A new sail or a new piece of gear has a finite life but fitness is something that has benefits both on and off the boat forever as long as you have a...
  Most people sail to enjoy it and reach a level of fitness that allows them to race each weekend.                                                                       On the other hand, if you are...
Good Hydration is essential in Competitive sailing. When we sail in higher temperatures we need a regular intake of fluids to maintain performance capability. The consequences of a lack of fluids – Effects on mental performance Mental tiredness increases, and attentiveness and concentration decrease. Co-ordination ability decreases; special manoeuvres don’t work anymore as they should. Our decisiveness is impaired and this has negative effects on...
Sailing Specific Fitness - I have summarised below some of the nuggets that I read in Michael Blackburn's excellent book "Sail Fitter" and I highly recommend that if you are serious about getting faster on the race track your fitness is one of the major factors that will influence your results. Michael's book is full of excellent advice and training...




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