Strategy at the leeward mark is critical and an ineffective plan can cause many places to be lost. Conversely, if you have planned well before reaching the mark, many places can be gained and a good rounding could affect the outcome of the race. FREE SAILING GLOVES Rules at the Leeward Mark Understanding rules at the leeward mark is probably more critical...
Windward Mark Roundings, As sailors we put an enormous amount of thought into the start, and so we should, and next, we talk a lot about upwind speed and observing and playing the shifts but planning and thought seems to go out the window when considering rounding the windward mark and transitioning to the downwind leg. Having a clean windward mark...
Read Situations at the Leeward Mark. All the good work of the upwind leg can be undone at the leeward mark. Leeward mark rounding in a competitive one-design fleet can be a daunting experience and when a mix of boats are arriving at different speeds and angles it can be even tougher to work out who’s going to get there...
Essential Before Rounding a Mark - Before you round any mark, it’s essential to visually locate the next mark. This is critical for your next-leg strategy. It will have a massive impact on how you approach each mark rounding. The Weather Mark - Essential Before Rounding a Mark As an example, at the weather mark, you must ask yourself whether you...
  Hailing for Mark Room is Not Required when one boat has rights at a mark. Rule 18 Rule 18 (Mark-Room) begins to apply between two boats when the first one enters the zone at a mark.  The rule says the outside or clear astern boat must provide mark-room. Note that rule 18 never requires an inside or clear ahead boat to make...
This one’s a classic: Staying Out of Trouble at a Mark - If you’re the outside boat of a group approaching the leeward mark and blindly carry on with pace, you’ll sail extra distance in bad air, carry wide around the mark, and then exit in a terrible lane. Slow Down: Staying Out of Trouble at a Mark This is one...




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