The best way to get asked back is to Be A Great Offshore Crewmate.  I have just been following the Transpac online and that got me thinking. How could I get invited to be a part of the crew on one of the competing boats? How To Be Asked To Come Again Considering there are only 41 boats competing from a country...
To many it seems like voodoo but What Is The Role of A Tactician? Being the tactician on any boat is a high-pressure position with quick thinking being a pre-requisite so it's not a job for the faint-hearted. The Tactician is a Leader A tactician must be a strong leader and must be a constant motivator. They are the eyes and ears...
With the end of the year offshore race season almost upon us, I have set out below a few tips for crews. Keeping Your Offshore Crew Alert At Night is probably the most important factor in your end result. Keeping the whole team alert at night can be tough, especially on the first night of a long race. This is...
  It's winter in the Southern Hemisphere so there is no better time than now to talk about cold weather sailing. For our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, even though I am jealous of your current temperatures, you too will again get to "enjoy" colder weather sailing in the future. What to wear in cold weather sailing. I recently read an...
Insight into Running a Big Boat Program.  Brett: For something a little different from the normal sailboat racing tips I am speaking with Rod Hagebols, an extremely well-qualified professional sailor and accomplished sailing coach. A few Classes that Rod has sailed:  Int Cadet, Fireball, Flying Dutchman, Int 14, Etchells, Star, J24, 12m, Soling, 1D35, Quarter Ton, Farr 40, Sydney 38, TP52, Maxi. Rod's...




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