Be A Great Offshore Crewmate


The best way to get asked back is to Be A Great Offshore Crewmate. 

I have just been following the Transpac online and that got me thinking. How could I get invited to be a part of the crew on one of the competing boats?

How To Be Asked To Come Again

Considering there are only 41 boats competing from a country with a population of some 325 million, it is a great privilege to be asked to participate as a crew.

If your ultimate ambition is to crew in the Transpac, Fastnet, Sydney to Hobart or any of the other great offshore races there are things that you can do to make sure that you are asked to participate.

Success in small boat racing is one of the most direct routes to getting noticed. Another way to be asked is to build a reputation of being a good shipmate.

To do this you must be a contributing member of the crew, thinking before acting to avoid making a mistake, being able to follow instructions and not being too shy to ask questions if you don’t understand the job you have been given.

Be A Volunteer

Always be prepared to volunteer for extra jobs. If there is a sail change called for or there are other jobs afoot such as winding a coffee grinder, don’t hold back. Offer to give someone a break even if it is not your job.

When it is time to go off watch, don’t be the first one down the hatch to your bunk. Make sure that the new watch has settled in. Volunteer to make coffee and snacks for the new team prior to retiring.

When you are rail sitting, hike hard and long setting an example for the others to follow, being cheerful even though you may be cold and feeling seasick.

When you are below, space is at a premium with equipment and personal belongings taking up all available space. Help up by keeping all your gear stowed in your bag or locker. Stow gear or things that aren’t yours or necessarily your responsibility.

At the change of watch, be the first out of your bunk and frocked up ready to go upstairs. Make your watch mates a coffee or snack. Start a dialogue with the retiring watch about what has been happening and what to expect.

At The End Of The Race

When you arrive at the destination of the race, don’t abandon the boat for the party straight away. Make sure everything is packed away and the boat is cleaned up as best as possible.

Now it’s time for catching up with fellow competitors and your team to relive the race over a few Bevvies.

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