. 5 Sailing Tips Tip 1: Stay Focused A lapse in concentration at a critical time in a race can cost you several places. This sounds obvious, it is impossible to give 100 per cent concentration all the time.  If sailing in a crewed boat don't let conversations wander away from the race. This is just as important for the time on the...
5 more Sailing Tips Tip 1: Don't line up on the Starboard Tack Layline too early Hitting the layline early means you will probably end up overstanding and the bigger the fleet the more damage you will do to your position. In many fleets it’s possible to make the mark if you tack on to port just underneath the boats that are overstanding...
  Racing Tips to Improve Your Sailing. When you want to kick your sailing performance up to the next level, many sailors think first of spending money – buying new sails, replacing gear, or even buying a new boat. In most cases, a number of small and easy improvements in your technique can yield great results using the gear that you...
Published on FEB, 2018 2004 Olympian Carol Cronin reviews how the balance of ego and communication contributes to the functioning of a successful team. Listen to Your Teammate(s). At a recent Snipe regatta, Kim Couranz and I counted up the number of lines we each control. Her total? Sixteen (eight on port tack, eight on starboard). My total? One. Giving Kim all...
With Special thanks to David Dellenbaugh of "Speed and Smarts" Newsletter - Keep a good record of notes about speed. Good boat speed is about consistency as much as anything else. Of course, almost any sailor would welcome a flash of super speed, even if it's short-lived. But that’s not what your goal should be. If you really want to improve your...




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