Have An Edge Over Your Competition Sailing fitness is often overlooked. It is one of the weapons that we can achieve with minimum cost and little effort. A new sail or a new piece of gear has a finite life but fitness is something that has benefits both on and off the boat forever as long as you have a...
Copied from an article written by Brad Walker - https://www.stretchcoach.com   Regardless of the size of the boat, sailing will require all the upper body strength you can muster. Your upper torso, including your shoulders, arms and abdominal muscles will play a major role in operating a sailboat. Three best Sailing Stretches. The main muscles in play are the rhomboids, trapezius and rotator cuff in the...
Getting into sailing shape is essential if you want to compete at the front of your fleet. This is just as true for the young sailor trying to master an ILCA dinghy through to the round the cans keelboat sailor or long-distance ocean racer. Getting Into Shape The type of physical training needed depends on the boat you sail, your position...
. With the start of the sailing season in the Southern Hemisphere many of us badly need to get in to sailing fitness training. For those sailors in the Northern Hemisphere it is worth keeping up your fitness in the off season. This avoids the shock at the start of the next new season. I have copied below excerpts of an interview...
I interviewed Skip Lissiman about sailing practice and training, excerpts from that interview are copied below. Skip has sailed just about everything from Pelicans and Cherubs through J24s, Etchells, 12 Metres and Maxi boats. He's also sailed in every position from bowman to sailing master. Skip was in the crew of Australia 2 when they won the America's Cup in 1983....
I have copied below excerpts of an interview with Krystal Weir on how Fitness Equals Sailing Results. Krystal is a qualified Physiotherapist and Exercise scientist and has sailed at the highest level in many different classes from sailboards to catamarans. Krystal has also represented Australia in the Olympics twice. Once in the Yngling class and once in the Laser Radial. Currently,...




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