Psychology and Competitive Sailing. Where your equipment is the same as everyone else's, there are only two ways to beat your opponent - through superior physiology (your size, weight and fitness) or through superior psychology (just about everything else!). Psychology is perhaps one of the...
      I spoke to Matt Bugg on the subject of mental toughness and psychology in sailing. Matt is a man who has not let adversity stand in his way to achieve great things in our sport. After becoming a paraplegic in a snowboarding accident at 23, Matthew decided to try to reach the pinnacle of Para-sailing, first in Australia and then...
The pressure of Being in the Lead. Holding on to a lead can be as much about your mindset as it is your speed or tactics. Being at the front of the fleet is daunting, but to stay there it's important to focus on the little things. The anticipation of losing the lead you’ve achieved can create a multitude of...
As sailors, we don't often consider the Importance Of Psychology In Sailboat Racing. In any sport, the higher the level, the more important the state of mind becomes. In racing a sailboat, because of complexity, mastering this aspect is even more critical if you want to win. Top sailors master boat handling, trimming, the rules of racing, meteorology, and sailing in...
The article below covers the virtues of defeat and How to Lose to Win. I found this article online, written by Colin D Neal. It was written in 1972 and appeared in Yacht Racing. It is as relevant today as it was then. Let those who consistently sail to victory remain smug and not read this article, lest they see herein...
Participating in a yachting regatta can be a challenging and exhilarating experience but to be competitive you must develop regatta mental toughness. It also requires physical fitness and technical skills. FREE PDF BOOK - 49 TIPS Mental toughness is particularly important as it helps sailors cope with the unpredictable weather conditions, challenging competitors, and the overall stress of competition. In this article, I...




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